Addison needs your prayers and thoughts – May 3

Today Addison is 3 weeks old, but something happened and she is a very sick little girl.
Yesterday afternoon, we went to Burnaby General Hospital because she was pale and her skin was cold, plus she was very unhappy. For the first few hours, even after she was transferred to Children’s Hospital at about 8pm, all signs seemed to be pointing to some kind of infection. At Children’s, after 2 hours, the news got considerably worse. Her heart was not working at all and was in near danger of failure.
A whole team of doctors and nurses rushed her into the ICU and put her on a heart-lung bypass machine, called ECMO. Now the machine is doing most of the work of pumping her blood and breathing so she can rest her heart.
Doctors still don’t know what caused her heart to be so sick but for the next few days, the machine will help her heart rest and hopefully recover function.
The situation is very serious. We won’t have any answers for at least a few days. The good news is that she has gone through all her procedures well.
I know she is a fighter. But a little extra help never hurts. If you pray, please pray for her…or send your positive thoughts and love to her.

Aaron and I are going to be at the hospital basically 24/7 for the next few days and won’t really be checking emails too much, cell phones don’t work that great either.

Thanks everyone.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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