Addison update – May 5

Aaron and I, along with both our families, have been absolutely blown away by the amazing support, love and prayers we have received since this terrible ordeal first began.  Thank you so much for all the emails and messages…we feel the love surrounding us and so does Addison.  We talk to her all the time and let her know just how loved she is by so many people she has never even met.  Please keep those good thoughts and prayers coming because we still need them.

At this point, there really isn’t much of an update…which is both good and bad.  So far, Addison’s heart has not shown significant signs of improvement since it started failing on Monday night.  The ECMO heart-lung machine is doing a good job of keeping her stable and all her other organs are doing well.  Our baby girl is comfortable and resting, with the hopes there will be some signs of heart recovery in the next few days.

On the other side, the medical team at Children’s are preparing us for the possibility she will need a heart transplant.  If her heart does not recover, that is the only option for Addison.  Already, preparations are underway for this possibility.   By the end of today, she will be listed at the top of the cross-country heart transplant list.

It’s still so hard to believe we are on this horrible rollercoaster ride of emotions.  What’s so ironic is that after years of doing stories about other families living with unbelievable trauma, we are now living it.  Again, we are working really hard to stay positive and keep up our faith and hope that Addison will get better and her heart will shows signs of recovery in the coming days.  So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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