Mother’s Day update

It is absolutely astounding just how quickly things have changed in the last 12 hours.  As I write this, Addison is in surgery getting a new heart!!!!!!  And even as I see those words on the computer screen, I still can’t believe this is all happening.

The day did not start off very well.  Day 5 and we were really hanging on to the hope there would be some small improvement in Addison’s heart this morning.  Even with a dose of epinephrine, there was no change on the echocardiogram.  It was so disappointing.  Then around 1:30pm, her cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Gandhi, called us to say he had a Mother’s Day gift for me…he had a heart for Addison.  We were in complete shock and disbelief because she had only been on the transplant list for a day and a half.  I couldn’t even process what he was saying to me and it still hasn’t sunk in for any of us.

At 7:30pm, Dr. Gandhi flew to retrieve the donated heart and the just a short time ago, the jet landed in Vancouver.  By now, he should be arriving at the OR where Addison is ready to go.  She is such a strong little girl and she is in the best hands possible with the team at Children’s.

We hear the words “it’s a miracle” so often, they have lost their meaning.  I don’t know if this qualifies as a ‘miracle’, but there’s something amazing about how all of this has unfolded.  There are so many small coincidences and events that have led us here.  We really believe the collective love, prayers and positive thoughts from all of you are working.  We know that heart transplant is just the beginning of another journey for Addison, and she will continue to need lots of love and support to get back to being a healthy and strong baby girl.  So again, keep those good thoughts and prayers coming!  And please, when you think of Addison, remember the other family in their time of unbelievable grief – they have given us such a precious gift and there are no words to express our thanks.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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