May 9 update

It has only been one week since our lives were tossed upside down…the longest few days we’ve ever experienced.  The highs and lows have been so extreme, I’ve actually been amazed at how much emotional trauma humans can absorb.
Today is a good day – not only because Addison is slowly fighting her way through it, but also because we’ve decided it really doesn’t help her if we aren’t focused on cheering her on.  It’s hard to push aside the tears and sadness, and I’m sure there are still plenty of those ahead, however, we are trying to remember she is the one who is doing all the hard work here.
There is a lot to feel good about today, and even Dr. Gandhi has told us he is ‘cautiously optimistic’, which really means a lot coming from him.  We have quickly realized cardiovascular surgeons don’t sugarcoat things.  Addison has a pulse!  And her blood pressure is looking good and keeps going up.  All the numbers are pointing in the right direction.  The bleeding has slowed down.  Her other organs and systems are still working well.  When Dr. Gandhi went in to do some clean-up around Addison’s chest cavity, they had to turn off the heart-lung machine for 45 seconds to take out one of the lines, and her new heart was pumping well on its own.  So all signs today are pointing in the right direction.  Her new heart still needs as much rest as it can get, so she will be staying on the ECMO machine for at least the next couple of days.  And hopefully, other complications don’t come up.  48 hours is a long time when it’s an hour-by-hour situation.
Addison is pretty heavily sedated because they want her to be as relaxed and still as possible to give her heart and other organs a good rest.  But as soon as she is a little more alert, we plan to bring the computer into her room and read her all the emails and messages from all of you.
We are feeling the love…I feel like a broken record but please know all your support has been a huge help and I truly believe it’s made a difference.  Aaron and I are lucky to have all of you plus a wonderful support network of family.
I know many of you have never ever met Addison and some haven’t even seen any photos, so I have attached a couple of pics.
Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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