May 14 update

Another pretty good day for our little fighter! Her new heart is doing a great job and her lungs are slowly getting better. She is now taking more breaths on her own, with a little help from the ventilator. The goal is to keep getting her lungs to do more work throughout the weekend. If that goes well, she may get the breathing tube taken out on Monday. Addison is no longer on the paralytic and her sedation has been lightened, so she is moving around a lot more. She spent most of the day awake and seemed much more content than yesterday. She was not interested in sleeping, even though newborn babies are supposed to sleep most of the day! There is no mistaking how she feels about her tube…Addison definitely does not have a poker face.

We finally feel like we are getting our little baby girl back, and when we look at her now, it’s so hard to believe she was so close to heart failure less than two weeks ago. And even harder to believe she is a heart transplant patient!

Aaron and I continue to receive messages of love, hope and support from so many people, including people who are friends of friends of friends. We are still awed by how far this circle has grown and by how Addison’s fight has brought so many people together. I am convinced the collective power of positive thinking and prayer has made a difference and a simple ‘thanks’ just doesn’t begin to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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