May 15 update

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so I am sending a photo of Addison from earlier today. We got a bit more cuddling time today. Hopefully her breathing tube comes out Monday or Tuesday so Aaron can get some daddy-daughter time with her too. Right now, it’s so complicated to move her out of her hospital crib that once she is settled in my arms, she can’t be easily passed around to someone else to hold.

Another day heading in the right direction…baby steps! Last night she seemed to have a bit of trouble breathing so doctors didn’t wean her down another step on the ventilator. That means it may be a little longer before she is strong enough to breathe entirely on her own. The x-ray does show some improvement in her lungs and she’s not coughing up as much gunk as she was yesterday – all good signs! She just gets more alert and wide awake every day.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “May 15 update

  1. Your little Addison is such a little fighter! Little Grandma thinks she must have her genes, which can only benefit Addie! She really is a little miracle and the courage all of you have had throughout this is truly overwhelming. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers and thank goodness for such wonderful healers at Children’s Hospital…xoxo from the Prince George crew – Mike, Shelley, Monet, Nik and Sophie

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