May 16 update

As I write this email, a quick glance at my watch tells me it has now been exactly two weeks since we first arrived at Children’s Hospital. Just a couple of days ago, Aaron made some comment about how we’ve been at it for three weeks. When I told him it had been less than two, he was quite surprised. Really, it’s been a lifetime, or at least one+ year of medical treatments crammed into 14 days.

Addison continues to impress us with her fighting spirit. Today, doctors wanted to see how she would breathe on her own, so they turned off the ventilator for a couple of hours. She did great and actually seemed to be more content breathing without the machine. Overnight, they will try it again and see how she does. If it all goes well, the breathing tube could come out tomorrow.

Many of you wrote in your emails that Addison is in the best hands possible here at Children’s. We couldn’t agree more. Throughout these past two weeks, we have been so impressed with the quality of care amongst all the ICU staff – nurses, clerks, doctors, interns, and so on. Not only have we entrusted them with our baby girl, but they have also taken care of us. It has really become like a second home to us, at least for now. Even on days off, we have had nurses call in to see how Addison’s progress is coming along. We have had several staff members, including the Infant Transport Team paramedics who brought us here two weeks ago, stop by to see how we are doing. It’s small gestures like that which have really helped us through this journey.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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