May 22 update

Looks like we’re moving up in the world!  Tomorrow could be the day Addison gets to go upstairs to the regular cardiac ward.  Apparently, they have the ‘big room’ ready and waiting for us.

Addison now has NO IV pumps.  Even more exciting news…the air from her chest tube was virtually nil today.  That means it will probably get removed tomorrow – one less tube for our little girl.

She seems to be getting back to more regular sleeping patterns, with longer naps.  Before she got sick, she was actually sleeping for long stretches at night…even up to 7 hours one night.  Now we’re wondering if that had anything to do with her bad heart?  Hopefully not because I was getting used to getting a decent sleep every night!

Her squawky chicken voice has now fully recovered and she is crying pretty much like a regular newborn.  Despite everything she’s been through, Addison is pretty content and really only cries for a few reasons: dirty bum, gas in her tummy, getting poked and prodded by a nurse, or too cold.

Another good day in the Children’s Hospital ICU!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “May 22 update

  1. it is really something to look at the progress by way of the photos. if you want to be cheered up at any time, just look at the first photos and then check with the most recent ones. she has come a long way baby.
    Addison for Prime Minister…the current guy is not working for me.

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