May 23 update

Moving day has been postponed until tomorrow morning.  Looks like more of a staffing issue on a long weekend rather than Addison not being ready to go.

She has been breathing a bit faster than normal over the past 24 hours and doctors think that could be due to excess fluid.  They’ve changed her diuretic to help her pee it out.  When you’re at the hospital, you quickly learn the value of ‘liquid gold’.  After Addison went on ECMO for the second time, we all cheered when there was pee in her tube.  Seriously…pee is a big deal.  So is the other ‘p’.  At rounds a couple of days ago, there was quite a major discussion about Addison’s poopy diapers – was it diarrhea or was it just regular baby poo?  We volunteered to take photos of the evidence and compile a slideshow of the results for the next session of rounds.

By the way, today is now 3 weeks since Addison was first admitted to the hospital.  WOW.  Can you believe that?  Feels like several lifetimes ago.  And she has now been in hospital longer than she was at home…hopefully we will be rectifying those numbers soon.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “May 23 update

  1. Wow this is great news, best birthday present I could have asked for. Keep up the good work. What ward will you guys be on????? They are all good. The change is good ,great. Say hi to everyone.


  2. Hi Elaine and Aaron.

    I must have been living in a box as I had not heard the news of Addison’s illness.
    I am very sorry to hear this and our hearts and prayers are with you during this troubling time. If there is anything you need please don’t hesitate to contact us .
    I’ll be following the blog regularly now that I know about it.
    Take care
    Steve and Bernadette

  3. Yay Baby Addison!
    Keep up the good work with the 2 ‘p’s! We know what that is like all too well. . . when one is missing, there is such, dare I say, joy to discover a messy diaper 😀
    Maybe when we come next we will actually get to meet your sweet self!
    Love, prayers and light,
    Lisa, James, Cayden and Gabriel

  4. Addison, Elaine & Aaron
    Thanks for the updates. Love the photos…
    As a dietitian and a mother, I agree the 2 P’s are very important topics to be discussed 🙂
    Mich, Deryk & Alyssa

  5. Dear Addison,
    Glad to hear that everything is coming out from those places that these types of things must come out of. These are important discussions for your Mum and Dad to have because it distracts them, so you can begin to play and get into mischief.
    Maellys celebrated her first Birthday yesterday and before you know it you will be celebrating yours and all this “stuff” will recede into memory. Play dates – will happen, swimming in the Pool, running down grassy hills until you can’t stop, the taste of your first Ice Cream…..
    You and WE have SO much to look forward too!
    Love from our hearts to yours,
    Simon, Pricille and Maellys

  6. Hi Addison, we can’t wait to come see you! Keep up all this hard work baby girl – you bring us pure joy!!
    So much love,
    Mike, Dre and little Ryan French

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