May 24 update – MOVING DAY!

Addison said good-bye to the ICU this morning and now she is settled in to her new room in the Children’s Heart Unit on the 3rd floor.  It’s another BIG step in her road to recovery!

Addison pretty much slept through the transfer.  For Aaron and I, it’s a little bit scary to be out of the ICU with its 24 hour a day nurse at the bedside.  It is much quieter upstairs in our own room.  We even have a window with a Japanese maple right outside.  And there is room for us to stay overnight with Addison.  The other amazing thing is that we probably won’t even be here for too long…maybe a week or two if she continues to do well.

We spent 3 weeks and 1 day in the ICU and it really became like a second home to us.  The doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, clerks, cleaning staff, and everyone in that unit took such good care of us during Addison’s stay.  We really can’t say enough to thank them all for everything they did to get us through the trauma.

So on to the next part of this incredible journey!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “May 24 update – MOVING DAY!

  1. Elaine, I’m so happy to hear that Addison is continuing to improve. She really is a miracle baby! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you guys. Addison seems like such a strong little girl — you truly are blessed, as is she with you and Aaron as parents. Hugs!

  2. That is such good news!!! Such a huge step for your little angel and for you and Aaron!
    I am glad that you started a blog to document Addison’s journey. I started one for Cayden about 3 years ago and it has been very cathartic for me. A place to just get it all out there and possibly even help others in the process.
    Cayden’s is
    I am going to add Addison’s blog to my favorites list 😀
    Love and light,

  3. Hooray! Such good news.
    wishing you all the best, and thank you for sharing this journey with us.
    love to you all!


  4. Hi Aaron, Elaine, great news another giant step for your special little girl.
    She looks so grown up now and one couldn’t wish for much more than continued improvement each and every day. Aunty

  5. this is GREAT news!! Our prayers have been heard and we will continue praying for u and your family!! Addison is indeed a ‘Yong’!!

    Take care, hugs and kisses to u, Elaine, Aaron and miracle baby Addison from one of your cousin in Malaysia. 🙂

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