Things I have learned – May 27 update


Things I have learned in the past few weeks:

1. How to insert a feeding tube into a 6 week old baby’s nose without sticking it down the wrong place.

2. A lot of medical jargon that would have really helped me appreciate the dialogue on ER at a whole new level.  Lactate levels, pulse ox, CBC, tachypnea…I know what all of these mean.

3. Children are amazingly resilient and they will survive and even thrive when faced with tremendous trauma.  They will also tell you when and if they want to fight, even newborns.  In a few of the pictures I posted, you can see Addison in her fighting pose, ready to take on the world.

4. The parent cots at Children’s Hospital are horridly uncomfortable.

5. All the staff at Children’s Hospital are top-notch.  It really is the best place to be if you are a sick kid in BC.

6.  The love and support of family and friends can help you through the darkest days, even when it seems hope has nearly abandobed you.

7. Dr. Suess really was a literary genius.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison



2 thoughts on “Things I have learned – May 27 update

  1. Those are gorgeous photos of Addison! She is such a fighter. She looks so pink and healthy, not like a newborn who’s had a heart transplant. I hope you and Aaron are getting some much-needed rest in order to prepare for her home-coming – part 2. I’m glad you have so many people to support you. Even still, you and Aaron are amazingly strong. Sending much love and well-wishes to your amazing, strong, beautiful baby daughter!


  2. Amazing……really, truly amazing………..
    You and Aaron are and will be the BEST parents EVER…………. little Addison is sooo lucky!!!

    (And she has some pretty damn awesome grandparents and aunties!) 🙂

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