Daddy’s Diary/May 28th

That silence you hear  is the sound of progress, but it is also the sound of panic. There are no more monitors, there are no more lines, there are no more wires.  We are on our own.  GULP!  We are doing what is known as “care by parent.”  We are responsible for everything we will have to do to at home…consider it a trial run.  It’s actually not that bad,  amazing how quickly you adapt to the new reality.  (After watching Elaine stuff a tube up our daughter’s nose into her stomach I am pretty sure we can do just about anything.) While the nursing staff is here if we need them, they pretty much ignore us.  They check in every once in a while and make sure we aren’t chugging the anti rejection drugs, but for large swaths of the day we are left to our own devices.  I think if the nurses actually watched what we are doing we would be back on parole.  So far in the past  24 hours I have  managed to squirt a large amount of medication into Addison’s hair; caused her to projectile puke after giving her another medication I should have waited a few minutes to give;  dumped most of her special formula into the sink after forgetting to clamp off a line; and I almost dropped her, (I hope social services doesn’t read this.)

bad attempts at humour aside, things are going remarkably well.  The princess is starting to drink more from her bottle, she is sleeping 4 or 5 hours at at time, and is generally a happy well adjusted baby.  Our biggest problem right now is having to wake her up to feed her, or give her an important medication.   Addison has no problem letting us know if she is upsest.  She has found her voice, and isn’t afraid to use it.  You can’t imagine how happy we are to hear her scream at us.  It is a sound I will never get tired of.


One thought on “Daddy’s Diary/May 28th

  1. You can do it, Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As scary as it will be/seem, they would not let you leave with the princess unless they knew/felt/believed that you and Elaine would be able to do it. And you CAN. 🙂 Love the projectile puke part….

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