It sure doesn’t look like much fun, but today was a huge milestone in the journey to bring Addison home.  Dr. Gandhi took out the sutures from her chest.  (We have been in the hospital for 4 weeks now, and Dr. Gandhi has been here everyday.  There are no days off.)  And while a crying baby is never easy to listen to, in my mind these are screams I could listen to forever.  Notice how red she gets.  Three weeks ago this wouldn’t have happened.  Addison is a baby who has found her voice again, and she is not afraid to use it.    There are a few more videos I will post once I find some motivation to edit them.



3 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. That’s right, Princess Addie, let your presence be known! Kinda reminds me of Elaine in our residence days 🙂

    Seriously, though, congratulations on this latest milestone in your journey. The two of you ARE incredible parents and the strongest people I know. You continue to be in our prayers and thoughts daily and thank you for sharing all of the details of this experience. Addison is such an inspiration.

    Love Deanne, Gord and Lara

  2. I have watched this video over and over again……to think that I was there (and had to come back to HK) the day that Addison had her chest closed. I cannot believe that she is already getting the sutures taken out and going home tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Seriously, incredible. Miraculous.

    Addison, not a day goes by that I do not think about you and am in awe at how absolutely incredible you are. You are so incredibly strong. You are such a fighter. It is truly amazing what you have been through. In a survey done by the Grade 2 students, I told them that YOU are my hero. You really are such an inspiration to all of us. There are so many people here in Hong Kong who are thinking about you and have shed tears of joy for you. You are truly in all of our hearts.

    I cannot wait to watch you get bigger, get older and see you ride your pony that your daddy will buy for you!

    I love you so much, little Addie. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again on July 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Auntie Son-Son

  3. I had no idea of your family’s struggle with Addison, but I am so glad to know she is receiving the best care we have available here in BC. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us this way. I’m watching a commercial for Children’s Hospital right now, and it makes that connection so much stronger. You two will handle Addison’s challenges the best way possible.

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