Daddy’s Diary June 5th, Home Alone

This should not come as a shock to anyone who knows Elaine well, but she thinks I’m an idiot.  I say this mostly in jest, and with an overabundance of love.  Although I have a healthy suspicion that she is probably right.  So imagine my surprise when she accepted a last minute opportunity to go out for the evening on Friday and left me in charge.  Despite my protests that Addie and I would be just fine, there was as you can imagine a great deal of hand wringing.  The prospect of leaving her only child with her dim witted husband needed to be weighed against the long….long list of things that could go wrong with me at the helm.   In the end a free ticket to Wicked trumped any concerns she would come home to find the house burned to the ground.  In fact I am happy to report that Elaine returned home to a happy child, well fed, mostly clean, and asleep in a new change of clothes.

Leaving your child alone for the first time is a daunting prospect for any new parent.  Add in all the extra baggage that comes with a heart transplant (or any serious illness) and can seem like an impossible decision to make.   It gets made though…just like all the other day to day decisions that have to get made.  It’s been a week since we came home from the hospital.  The goal now is to make our lives as normal as possible.  Slowly… everyday we try to do something to remind ourselves that we all have our lives to live: a walk, some yardwork, a coffee.  Getting out of our jammies is sometimes enough to make the day a success.   Something that hasn’t happened yet today.  11 am and it is time to have a shower.

Talk to you all later,

Aaron. (daddy)

5 thoughts on “Daddy’s Diary June 5th, Home Alone

  1. I knew that you would do a good job of looking after Addison. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy reading your diary. Take care.

  2. GOOD JOB, Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is quite amazing for Elaine to have left Princess Addie ALL TO YOU… I’m surprised she didn’t call over the Yong Clan to help “watch” over you and supervise every move you make! 😉

    You just have to realise that, no matter how amazing you are, in OUR eyes, you will always be a one-eyed King…… 😉

    Love you, Aaron!!!!!

  3. I have so enjoyed reading about your wonderful family and forsee many happy times ahead of you. May Addie’s strength and good health continue.

  4. Aaron, Elaine and Addison,

    Good job Aaron!! Way to survive the first “alone” parental duty…WOO!

    Aaron, I met you and Elaine many years ago while visiting your Aunt Lynda in Vic General Hospital, and I have been following your story of sweet Addison for the past couple of weeks. I must say first of all just how incredibly adorable she is!! Such a cutie 😉 And secondly, I am so in awe of how you two have dealt with this situation. You two ought to be so proud that you listened to your “paranoid” first time parental instincts and went to seek care and that saved your daugters life. Not to mention your decision to share this journey so as to inspire and support others going through similar situations and/or to encourage organ donation! Thank you for that.

    Best of luck to regaining a routine of normalcy at home…..although with newborns, normal changes weekly!

    Much love,

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