You win some…you lose some

Go Canucks!

I don’t think I need to tell you who the losers are after last night’s debacle and Addison certainly was not impressed with the Canucks.  However, our little champ is blazing ahead in her road to recovery.

Addison is back on the boob like she never left it.  We haven’t had to feed her with the pump through her NG tube since last Wednesday!  Since then, we have only been using the tube for medications.  A couple of them we give through her mouth, but with her tendency to puke up her prescriptions, we have been a little gun-shy from trying more.  But now that we see an end in sight to that annoying dangling tube, we are really trying to push those meds.  So far, all of last night’s medications and this morning’s (that’s 8 syringes of drugs, if anyone is counting…all in various sickeningly sweet/bitter fruit-like flavours) have gone down the old-fashioned way.  There has been some gagging, a lot of tears and cries, but the only spit-up/puke was this morning well after all the drugs would have been absorbed.

So we may actually remove the tube tomorrow!  The only reason to re-insert it would be if she isn’t gaining weight from breastfeeding, which does have me a bit paranoid (more on that later).  It will be a little strange to see her without that tube.  We have gotten so used to it. As one of the editors at Global described it…it’s Addison’s fancy nose jewelry.

Check out my awesome hair!

Addison is clearly one miraculous little baby and many Canucks fans have commented she is a good luck charm.  Obviously, her charm hasn’t worked on the Canucks so far, but my cousin Anita bought her a little Canucks jersey yesterday, and hopefully that means the boys in blue will get back in the game.  They should get some inspiration from Addison who never gave up even when the going was really tough.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison


3 thoughts on “You win some…you lose some

  1. Well, you know what they say about being “on the boob”… it’s just like riding a bike.

    And the Canucks jersey will definitely do the trick.


  2. Oh my gosh Addie is getting so big!
    Way to go sweet girl hopping back on the booby train like a champ!!! I bet you missed it!
    Congratulations on all the great big steps forward!
    With continued thoughts and prayers,
    Lisa and James

  3. Hi Aaron… Elaine, I haven’t met you but I used to work with Aaron at the Keg many moons ago, so hello to you too!

    I love reading your blog and just have to say how gorgeous your little girl is. She is going to break some hearts with those big eyes of hers. Your story is incredible. You have one bravest little ones there who is going to change the world, in more ways than she already has for you. I’m sending lots of love & good vibes your way.

    Thanks for sharing your story & journey.

    All the best,

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