Look ma…no tube!!

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One month and two days post heart transplant, Addison is officially tube-less as of 9am this morning!  It really was as simple as yanking that thing straight out her nose.  Except for the surgery scar on her chest, she looks like any other little baby.  Another major milestone under her belt.

She had to get another blood test this morning for Tacrolimus levels because they went from a 9 last week to 5 this week.  They need to be around 10 for therapeutic benefits (Tacrolimus is the most important anti-rejection drug).  So we increased her dosage a little on Wednesday and hopefully the test today will show her levels have improved.  Apparently it’s quite normal for levels in babies to bounce around for a while until they are stable.  Perhaps the princess has a part to blame too since she has a new trick – when we push the meds in, she promptly spits it out!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison


3 thoughts on “Look ma…no tube!!

  1. Wow! She looks sooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What another great milestone!!! (I love her shirt too!! “Daddy’s little shrimp!!!!” Super cute!!!!!!!

    I wish I could smother her with kisses!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Elaine and Aaron — soooooo happy to see the beautiful pictures of your 2 month old!!! She’s gorgeous!!! And more to come. How are you? Hope you’re getting a lot of rest — and having as much FUN as you can with your little girl!

    Mine’s graduating from SFU this Thursday — as Brad Paisley says — don’t blink!!!!

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