Wearing our hearts on our sleeves

Our secondary ‘family’ at Global BC has been another major support pillar for Aaron and I through Addison’s medical journey.  And they have gone one step further to show their love.  For the past few weeks, Jill Krop has been working on a special project in honour of Addison.  She has commandeered a team at Global and designed T-shirts for “Team Addison”.

They say “Team Addison” on the back, and “I ♥ Addie” on the front.  Thanks to Doug and Marsha for modelling the T-shirts.

Wayne Cox’s son is printing the T-shirts at cost, and all the proceeds from each $20 shirt will be donated to either BC Children’s Hospital or to one of the charities which supports families.  Aaron and I met so many patients and their families who had traveled to Vancouver from all over the province.  While we were fortunate to have great friends and family to help us through the daily grind of being at the hospital 24/7, most of these other families do not.

We are so honoured that Jill and everyone at Global has gone to these great lengths to show how much they care.  And we will wear the T-shirts with great pride.

If you want to join Team Addison (each T-shirt is $20), post a comment and I will email you details.

Big hugs and kisses to everyone at Global.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison


8 thoughts on “Wearing our hearts on our sleeves

  1. These are SOOOOO cute!!!!!! How amazing of Jill to have taken the time to design them!
    Ben and I will take a shirt for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My school is keeping Addison in our daily prayers. Please send me the details for a t-shirt. My grandaughter was born April 9th in Geneva. Really makes you realize how precious life is.
    Love and Prayers Lillian Albrecher

  3. Yes, please let us know how we get these shirts. This is the best part of my whole day getting these (great )updates . xxxx Elaine and Ray

  4. What a lovely gesture & idea from the Global team! If you’re interested, BC Transplant has red pins/buttons that say, “I Gave my Heart”, and we could supply some to be given with each t-shirt sold to help promote the importance of organ donation! Email if you’re interested. So happy to see Addison’s 2-month photo – she’s adorable!

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