Princess paparazzi

Aaron gets so tired of me endlessly snapping photos of Addison, but everyone keeps telling me babies grow up so fast!  We bought an iPad when Addison got sick because we anticipated many long days, weeks and months at the hospital.  Funny thing is it didn’t arrive until the day after we brought her home from the hospital!  Now, it would have been downright silly to return it and we deserve a little treat too, right?

I am loving this app called Hipstamatic, which my sister Jennifer showed me on her iPhone.  It takes amazing photos with an old school vibe.  I still crack out the Pentax DSLR but the iPad makes it so very easy to upload and share photos.  Many of you have commented how much you love the photos (more so than the pithy and witty words of wisdom Aaron and I agonize over), so here’s a slide show from the past couple of days.  (Go Canucks go!)

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Elaine, Aaron and Addison


3 thoughts on “Princess paparazzi

  1. Wow, Do you think she’ll outgrow the jersey before the end of the season? Ha ha. I am so out of the loop with the playoffs here, although I must admit I have made zero effort to follow the series online. Love the pics and love the writing too. Keep agonizing, Elaine and Aaron. You are both very engaging and entertaining writers. I love hearing about Addison doing all the normal baby things, like pooing and puking and crying. Thanks to you Elaine I am now inspired to have a night out with the girls, something I haven’t done yet and she is almost 10 months old! If Elaine can leave baby with Dad, so can I. Although most times I am thrilled to bring her along and show her off.
    Go Canucks


  2. Sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! Love hipstomatic!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOVe the ease of the uploading, eh???????

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