Not just a simple cold


When you have a child with virtually no white blood cells and no immune system, a simple cold is anything but.  Fortunately, Addison had her heart transplant in the spring, heading into summer.  That means a lot fewer people around sneezing, coughing, wheezing and snotting.  But there are still lots of germs out there.

My parents, who have been over nearly every single day since she got sick, have come down with summer colds.  So last week, for 5 whole days, my mom did not come visit.  My dad came over a few times to drop off food, then he’d sing a few songs to Addison (without touching her), and leave.

I have had a few sniffles, though I am hoping it is just allergies.  Aaron woke up this morning and said his throat is a bit sore, wondering if he should limit his time touching his baby girl.  My best friend called to say her two boys have runny noses.  She wasn’t sure if it would be ok if she came over.  We decided it would be fine as long as she doesn’t breathe on Addison or touch her!  And we will constantly douse our hands in hand sanitizer.  Do they make a whole body spray sanitizer?

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For the next few months, Addison will have to avoid crowded places.  And we’ll have to be extra careful around people.  I fully admit I cringe inside when someone leans over her stroller to see her.  Would it be wrong of me to whip out my hand sanitizer and ask them to disinfect?  I am even getting little signs that say “Please Wash Your Hands” to place in strategic spots around the house.  I should put one on her stroller too!

So if you are walking down the street and see us with the stroller, we’d love to stop and chat.  Just wash your hands please!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison



4 thoughts on “Not just a simple cold

  1. Unfortunately, we know this drill all too well. We have to keep Cayden home from school when bugs are going around because of his compromised immune system. I asked people to wash their hands before touching him and entering my house when he was little and some of the strange looks didn’t phase me one bit. I would tell them that if they must touch him then make it on his head as he will not be able to put that in his mouth or be able to lick it! A lady in Walmart actually leaned into his stroller and kissed him square on the face to which I promptly pulled out a sanitizing wipe and wiped Mister Cayden’s face with a glare at the lady *cringe*.
    I will pray that Princess Addie does not get any bugs and that all your precautions pay off. It is tough but it becomes a way of life and second nature.
    She is looking healthier and stronger every day! Way to go baby doll!!!
    Hugs and kisses to you all xoxoxoxo
    Lisa, James, Cayden and Gabriel

  2. Hi Elaine and Aaron,
    As a fellow transplant parent, don’t ever doubt the precautions you must take on behalf of your daughter. You will forever more be advocating for the best circumstances for her. In these early days, you can’t be too careful when the immunosuppression is kept so high. I would urge you to limit the exposure that your little angel has with other kids, who may be sniffly – although well meaning, kids touch things, may not cover their mouths when they sneeze. I always ask people to wash their hands when they enter my home, and my kids know this is the first thing they do when they come into the house. If you are both concerned about your own health, you can always mask when you are around your baby girl. Some people will think you are crazy and over the top, but it is the new normal and those who love and care for you will get it!
    When you are out and about, don’t be afraid to ask people to keep their distance – Addison’s health is all that matters. She looks absolutely fantastic! I was so pleased to meet your beautiful little family and look forward to connecting with you all.

    God Bless. Carmen Carriere

  3. I love all the photos of Daddy and Addison…….. LOVE the first one. Just precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Father’s Day, Aaron!!!!!! You are such an incredible daddy!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a pout your little cutie pie has. Aaron I hope you had a good Father’s Day, I did. Of course with me any father’s day above ground is a good father’s day. Happy to report NO ties!!!

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