The road to ‘Normal’

Addison's bald patch from the IV in her head still hasn't grown back!

Another good step in the road to ‘normal’.  Addison is now down to Transplant Clinic once every TWO weeks instead of every week!  Yeah!  One of her cardiologists, Dr. Hosking, made that decision yesterday.  It’s been only 3 weeks since Addison came home from the hospital and yesterday was our 4th Transplant Clinic visit, so we weren’t expecting to be weaned down that quickly.  But no one here is complaining about fewer visits to the hospital.

However, that does not mean we won’t be going back there until July 6.  Those pesky Tacrolimus levels are not cooperating.  Addison’s number was 13 on Monday, and then yesterday’s results came in at 7.  So back on Friday morning for another poke.  Then depending on those levels, she may have to get another round of blood tests next week.  Her hemoglobin is also on the low side so we have added a shot of iron to the daily dosing.  Iron apparently can cause constipation, which we think could counteract the diarrhea that can be a side effect of magnesium.  It’s all about the poop!  But again, nothing our little superstar can’t handle.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison


One thought on “The road to ‘Normal’

  1. Hello Aaron, Elaine & Addison! Gad to see your home and life is moving forward. Addison looks amazing! Thoughs bright eyes…… I think of you all often. Would love to have a picture to add to our memory book. Enjoy the summer and all the best to your family.
    Renee Mintak BCCH ECLS Team Leader

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