From 0 to 100

Here is another silver lining to the cancellation of our big Italy/Bali trip…right now, the entire McArthur clan has gathered together in Vancouver to celebrate a big huge birthday – 100 years!!  Aaron’s grandma, Molly, is a century old this year.  WOW!  Addison can’t go to the party because there are too many people for her compromised immune system.  But at least Aaron is in town and able to join in the festivities.  We did introduce Addison to Molly yesterday.  She was very excited to be able to meet her great-grandma!

Here’s what 0 to 100 looks like:

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Addison’s not quite old enough to realize how life has changed in 100 years, and by the time she’s grown up, iPads will be ancient history.  But here’s a quick rundown of some of the things Molly has lived through:

– World Wars 1 and II, Vietnam War, the Cold War

– the Great Depression

– the invention of frozen food, zippers, ballpoint pens, colour TV

– discovery of penicillin, insulin

– Canadian women getting the right to vote

– the Berlin Wall going up and coming down

– Elvis, The Beatles, and disco



Elaine, Aaron and Addison



2 thoughts on “From 0 to 100

  1. So sweet! Gramma was so worried she wouldn’t get to meet Miss Addison . . . I am so glad that sweet baby is such a strong munchkin and Gramma is such a sturdy centarian(sp?)!! Those pictures are worth a thousand words! Happy Birthday Gramma!!! And Addison, keep up the good work, baby girl!
    Love, Lisa, James, Cayden and Gabriel

  2. Happy 100th Birthday Grandma Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Addison – we love you so much! We are all thinking about all of you guys here in Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending our love to all of you!

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