Tummy time travails

When you’re on morphine, ketamine, and all kinds of other paralytics and sedatives, it’s pretty tough to get in any tummy time.  And then when you are recovering from a large incision in your chest from open-heart surgery, you can’t do tummy time either.  So Addison has been a little short on tummy time in her first couple of months of life.

Just last week, we started again.  Tummy time was not a big hit with our princess for the first few go-rounds.  But she seems to be accepting this is her new lot in life, kind of like her attitude towards all those medications.  If she is in a good mood, she can endure a few minutes of TT without putting up much of a fuss.  If she is not in a cooperative mood, she likes to show us who is boss.  But we persevere because TT is so important to development.

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Addison’s development is behind, compared to other babies her age.  That’s what happens when your life is put in hold for a month.  So she will be monitored as part of the Vancouver Infant Development Program.  Our pediatrician Dr. Phang says Addison’s muscle tone is not as great as normal babies, but she is doing much better than other sick babies who have had major surgery.  The expectation is she will catch up by the time she is a year old.

It is definitely a concern for me…what parent isn’t a little paranoid about the growth and development of their new baby?  Though I remind myself to put it into perspective in relation to all Addison has gone through in her short life.  So what if it takes her a bit longer to roll over, or hold her head up, or grab something with her hands?  We already see huge gains in the 4 weeks she has been home – she has a lot more neck control, she turns her head side to side, she can grasp things in her hand for a few seconds, her repertoire of facial expressions increases day by day.  You can’t sprint a marathon, as someone told us at the hospital.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Tummy time travails

  1. Her energy is going into healing, she looks beautiful and healthy. She will catch up in no time. It took my daughter almost a year to get her energy and stamina back after her open heart surgery. Keep looking at the big picture – she is doing awesome!

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