Weight Watchers

Ask Aaron, and he will be the first to say I am a bit OCD when it comes to weight, in particular Addison’s weight.  The “ICU Diet” is pretty harsh for sick babies.  Addison lost 500 grams during her stay there.  Do the math, that’s 1/8th of her body weight.

When she was on that special formula for her chylothroax infection post-transplant, it was drilled into our heads – our baby needed to gain weight. The force-feedings every 3 hours were followed meticulously by daily weigh-ins at the hospital.  And the little number that would pop up on the screen was anticipated with bated breath.  Did she gain weight?  Did she stay the same?  Heaven forbid did she lose weight?  Did she just have a big poopy or wet diaper?

Then when we were making the switch to breast milk, we were warned most transplant babies need to be supplemented with formula because they don’t gain enough weight.  And we were also gently told not to expect Addison to ‘get it’ right away…it would likely take weeks.  Well, she sailed through with no problem and within a few days, Addison was doing just fine feeding all on her own.  However, there is one big difference between formula and breastfeeding – now I have no idea how much she is eating.

There are several ways to figure out if your baby is eating enough – poopy/wet diaper counts, general demeanour, but the ironclad method of measuring is the scale.  I don’t know any moms who have one of those hospital grade scales, and holding your baby while standing on the adult scale just really isn’t accurate enough when each gram counts. So thanks to the magic of Craigslist, I decided it would help me sleep so much better at night to buy my own scale, at a huge discount of course. (Did you know baby scales can cost upwards for $150?) $45 for peace of mind is priceless, wouldn’t you say?

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Unlike the rest of us who are usually trying to weigh less, I always go with the highest number for Addison. Last night on our scale at home, she was 4.8kg. This morning at the hospital, she was 4.75kg. I am going with 4.8kg.  Hey, that’s a whole 50 grams more, according to my calculations!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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