Immunizations Round 1

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There is one advantage to being a regular at Children’s Hospital.  Instead of the usual ‘three jabs in a row’ most babies are subject to at the doctor’s office or community clinic, Addison got three nurses poking her all at once for one big WAH rather than an escalating crescendo of pain.  She had her first round of shots on Wednesday, a little behind the usual immunization schedule, which is supposed to start at 2 months, but she was kind of busy at the time.  She won’t be able to get any live vaccines ever, because of her immune system.  That includes the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine.  And anyone who spends a lot of time with her can’t get live vaccines either.

Addison was definitely cranky and sleepy all day yesterday, supposedly normal reactions to immunizations.  We gave her some baby Tylenol (kind of weird buying a regular baby medicine at the grocery store as opposed to the giant bag of pharmaceuticals we usually tote home from the hospital) and it worked magic.  Today she is back to her usual cheerful self.

So I thought it would be a good day for another photo session.  I just kind of realized I missed out on several weeks of newborn photo opportunities while she was in hospital, so I plan to make up for it now.  Thanks to Aaron’s BCIT classmate Brandon for the super cute crochet hat featured in today’s pics.  Hope you enjoy!

And get out there to soak in the sunshine this weekend.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison



4 thoughts on “Immunizations Round 1

  1. Oh! I love the hat on her! It is so cute. I thought it may help with her current hair issues. Glad she is doing so well. She is absolutely amazing and adorable.

  2. Aww… you’re welcome… I knitted it myself (just kidding… we all know I can hardly button a shirt!). She’s beautiful!!! Love reading the updates and seeing how she is doing! See you guys soon.

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