The battle of the bottle

I suppose it is really our fault for being so excited when we were able to ditch that nasty tasting formula and get Addison back to the boob.  For 5 weeks now, Addison has been exclusively breastfed.  And while that has meant lots of lovely mommy-baby bonding time, I admit I am craving a bit more freedom.  Never thought I would say that after vowing to never let her go while she was in hospital.  But that must mean our lives really are becoming more normal, right?

She was becoming a real champ at chowing on the bottle, even with the special formula she needed to treat a post-operative infection.  So we didn’t really think it would be a big deal to get her back on the bottle.  Boy, is our little feisty fighter proving us wrong.  Addison really doesn’t like the bottle anymore, and we can’t really fault her for preferring a soft, warm and cuddly feeding experience rather than rubbery lifeless silicone.

Trying to reason with a 3 month old

At least she has the bottle in her mouth without screaming

So every day for the past week, we have been attempting to give her the bottle once a day.  It hasn’t really gone all that well.  I think she drank 5ml one day last week, and that’s about it.  The rest of the time she is pretty much screaming her little head off.  I have been reading up on many different internet mommy forums – I’ve tried leaving the house so she can’t smell me, Aaron has tried, my mom has given it a go, we’ve tried different nipples, we’ve attempted when she first wakes up and is very hungry, and then we have also tried after a feed when she isn’t as hungry.  So far, we haven’t found the magic formula.

Aaaah…the minutiae of being a new mom…nice to be able to stress about something like the battle of the bottle.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison



7 thoughts on “The battle of the bottle

  1. Battle indeed! We have a very determined young lady who at 10 months won’t have a bar of it either. Things always get messed up when I start reading those bloody baby books, ‘after six months there is no physical need for night feeds…it’s a comfort thing’. Baloney! I am gaining my independence back a bit…Neena went to the child care a the gym while I had a blissful hour of exercise.
    Elaine, if you find the magic formula…please let me know! I’d love to start weening, but so far the half canister of formula powder has been tipped down the sink one bottle at a time and I’m getting tired of washing bottles that have been slapped out of my hand. Booby it is until she’s ready.

    • I will definitely let you know if we figure out what works! Since I have a freezer full of pumped breast milk (I pumped the entire time she was in hospital plus when she was home on that formula so 5 weeks of pumping is a LOT), we have been using that in the bottle, though that is still not getting us anywhere.

  2. Have you tried different types of bottles? Some bottles mimic the feel of the breast. We tried Medula (no dice), Playtex, Dr. Brown’s (she absolutely hated those) and finally had some success with the Avent bottles.

  3. i say you starve her….eventually she’ll be hungry enough and will take the bottle….. yah? no? hahahaah! 😉

  4. I had the opposite problem 😦 but I think my son wasn’t getting enough of what he needed from me. Did you try one of those bottles with the bags in them that have a big curved nipple similar to a breast shape? But then your daughter is old enough now to know when it’s not Mommy! She just wants her Mommy!!! Who can blame her?

  5. I noticed in the photos that Aaron is holding her outward…have you tried giving her the bottle holding her the same way you would while breast feeding…maybe she just wants the warmth of someone’s arms around her and body against her…

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