Supermodel baby!

Over all those hours spent in the PICU waiting room at Children’s, I pretty much had all the posters pinned to the bulletin board memorized.  There was one that always caught my attention and I must have read it several dozen times.  It was for The Tiny Light Foundation, an organization of volunteer photographers who take portraits of sick kids and their families.  I looked at the website a few times while we were in the hospital, and got teary eyed at the beautiful pictures and stories of all the Tiny Lights and their medical struggles.

When Addison got to come home, I finally took the time to apply.  Though I take a lot of photos, I am no professional and I still find it quite challenging to take family pictures all on my own!  We were accepted and paired with Vancouver photographer Brandon Elliot.  Yesterday was our big photo shoot with Brandon, and though Miss Addison seemed kind of stunned into silence with all the lights, camera, action, she was a trouper and stayed relatively calm through most of it.  Not a lot of big grins, but not too many tears either!  Brandon was great to work with and he managed to coax a few smiles out of our little princess.  Of course, every time he actually brought his camera back up to snap a few pictures, she put on her serious face again.  We can’t wait to see the finished product.

In the meantime, Aaron put together a quick little video of Addison’s first big photo shoot.  Hope you get a smile out of watching it!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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