A romantic honeymoon with Addison

Addison’s first international trip to celebrate her Auntie Son-son’s wedding in Bali was abruptly canceled when she got sick, and though we had our own little celebration in Vancouver with a wedding wear photo shoot, it was still very sad (more for Mommy than for Addison) we couldn’t go.  The newlyweds, who live in Hong Kong, decided to forego a romantic honeymoon getaway to exotic Thailand or Philippines, and instead choose to come to Vancouver for a visit.

Auntie Son-Son and Uncle Ben have been spending a lot of quality time with Addison this week.  With such dedicated babysitters, Aaron and I even went out to see the new Harry Potter movie!

This is Ben’s first time meeting our little princess.  But Sonya spent a week with Addison during Easter break when Addison was only 2 weeks old.  The day after she flew home to Hong Kong, we ended up in hospital with Addison teetering between life and death.  Sonya literally turned right around and got back on an airplane for Vancouver.  The airplane ride was tough – 12 hours in the air with no way of finding out if Addison was still hanging on.  She stayed with us for 10 days before having to finally go home to Hong Kong for her civil wedding ceremony, which was 2 days later.  She was there for the roller coaster of ECMO, the heart transplant, ECMO post-transplant, and then Addison getting off ECMO.  She spent as many nights sleeping at the hospital as Aaron and I.  I know it was hard for her to say goodbye, but she left knowing Addison was on the road to recovery.

When Sonya landed this time, she emailed me to say, “Just thinking about last time I was here…I remember I was shaking going through Customs (crying) with no idea what was going on with Addie…….”  How amazing to think that was 2 1/2 months ago!

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Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “A romantic honeymoon with Addison

  1. Elaine, we love Addie sooooooo much. It’s such a gift to be able to be here to spend our “honeymoon” with her and all of you guys!!!!!!!!! Addison is the most precious thing ever! Seeing her smiling at us just makes our hearts melt…I loved the album you made of Addison in her wedding outfit. (It was another tear-jerker!) This one precious baby has brought so many tears to Auntie Son-Son’s eyes…………………………..LOVE YOU, ADDIE!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Sonya you’re the only one of Elaine’s sisters I haven’t met, but when I worked with Elaine she spoke of you often, as she did all her family. It’s wonderful how closely you are able to be involved with Addie even though home is so far away and I’m sure you are an invaluable support to Elaine. Enjoy married life!

  3. What a beautiful blog post dedicated to such an incredible woman, daughter, sister, teacher, colleague and now a wife!

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