Minimizing the meds…again

Addison’s daily medication regime is getting tweaked once again…for the better.  When we first came home from the hospital, the transplant pharmacist handed us a 2-page daily medication chart.  Then it went down to 1-page (a full page), and as of Wednesday’s transplant clinic, it’s now about half a page!  That is the kind of progress we like to see.

Auntie Son-son reading Addison a story before naptime

Addison's new medication chalkboard

The medication shelf in her armoire

At the same time, Addison’s room has also slowly gone back to what it looked like before she got so sick.  The extra dresser we used to stash all her medical supplies has now gone back to its rightful place in the hall, and her meds have migrated to her armoire.  By next Wednesday, Addison will be down to 7 syringes of drugs every day…compared to 15 syringes two months ago.

And those pesky Tracrolimus levels?  They seem to be stabilizing.  At least the last two test results have been around 10, which is right in the ballpark for effective anti-rejection treatment.  Addison’s twice daily megadose of Tac seems to be doing the trick.

This all means another great sign of progress – no hospital/lab visits for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!  We have been decreasing our clinic visits to once every week or two, depending on summer vacation schedules of the cardiologists.  But even when we haven’t had to go to clinic for two weeks, inevitably, Addison has had to go back to the lab to get poked for more blood.  This will be our first two week stretch without any appointments at Children’s Hospital.  Yeah!!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “Minimizing the meds…again

  1. It’s so incredible to see how well Addison is doing and how awesome you guys are taking care of her. You make it all seem so easy!!!!!!!!!!

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