Spa day(s) for the princess

Actually, it’s not just spa ‘day’ for the princess, rather more like spa ‘everyday’.  I haven’t been able to take Addison to all the usual “Mommy and me” classes, coffee time, or clubs because of her compromised immune system.  But our wonderful Infant Development Program consultant has brought a little bit of that into our home.  She has spent the past few weeks giving us infant massage classes in the living room.

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Not really a huge surprise that our baby girl just L-O-V-E-S getting her nightly massage…who wouldn’t enjoy a lovely relaxing massage after a warm bath every single night?  She smiles and wiggles and squirms with delight.  It is really cute to see how she reacts to different strokes.  And I am pretty sure the massage sets her up for the most important part of her day/night (at least in Mommy’s opinion) – Addison goes to sleep for the night without any fussing, and she stays asleep for 9 hours or more.  Yes that’s right, 9 hours without waking up.  I am knocking on wood now in the hopes it stays that way.  So as long as the princess enjoys her rubdown, Mommy is most happy to oblige.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Spa day(s) for the princess

  1. It was soooooo nice for me to be able to spend that special time with Addie in the evenings….. Thanks for sharing the spa experience with me, Elaine and Addie!!!! Now if I could just get Ben to give me a nice massage every night too!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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