I wanna new drug

As the rest of the famous (or infamous) Huey Lewis song goes, “I wanna new drug, one that won’t make me sick.”  Unfortunately, when it comes to avoiding organ rejection, the medication is pretty heavy-hitting.  I try to ignore the fine print and focus on the reality – the benefits far outweigh the potential risks, with ‘potential’ being the operative word here.

Addison is no longer taking Azathioprine, which is a cyto-toxin that is actually listed as a human carcinogen.  She is now on Mycophenolate mofetil (MMF).  Along with Tacrolimus, Addison will be on these two drugs for the rest of her life. MMF, according to its wiki page, is 15 times more expensive than Azathioprine, but has fewer incidents of bone marrow suppression and opportunistic infections.  Long-term, there is an increased risk of certain types of cancer.  And MMF and pregnancy don’t mix at all.  Our little girl has a long way to go (and if Aaron has his way not until she is 50 years old) before she contemplates pregnancy, but it does serve as a stark reminder -even though in so many ways Addison looks, acts and sounds like any other baby, she has a few additional speed bumps on the road ahead.  The medication information even recommends using two forms of birth control to ensure prevention of accidental pregnancy for patients on MMF.  Hmmm..can’t wait to have that ‘talk’ when Addison is a teenager!

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A few more cute baby photos today.  My mom has been on a crocheting frenzy to finish this adorable cocoon for Addison!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “I wanna new drug

  1. This information is a lot for you to digest right now — and you guys are doing great! I suspect there will be new anti-rejection drugs developed in the future, ones that are safer. As you mention in your post, Addison has a long ways to go yet before contemplating starting a family of her own. Hang in there! BTW: Addison looks more beautiful and vibrant in each new posting. I wonder if she’ll always look so much like Aaron?!

  2. Love Lao Lao’s crocheting work!!!!!!!! Pics are adorable!!!!!! If princess addie is anything like her mommy was as a teenager, she will surely listen to you very well! 😉 haha!

  3. I sent this to my sister after I left a comment in the “From the Heart” section. i’ll see what she says about any natural immune boosters to share with you if you’re interested.

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