Dirty diaper duty

*Warning…the following post has plenty of potty talk.  If this makes you uncomfortable stop reading.*

Like all new parents, being on poo patrol is part of the process.  In Addison’s case, with her exotic cocktail of meds, dirty diapers take on a whole new dimension.  The new drug she started last week, MMF, is known to cause diarrhea in about 40% of patients.  If you google “MMF and diarrhea”, you’ll see thousands of hits!  And if it’s severe enough, Addison will have to switch back to another immune-suppression drug.

When adults have diarrhea, there is really no dispute over the obvious.  But anyone who has ever seen a poop-y diaper knows this is not as easy to determine for babies.  Runny, grainy mustard, curdled texture – all descriptive words for “normal” baby poo.  There are even baby poo galleries online!  And since we are using cloth diapers on Addison, it’s even more difficult to tell when runny is too runny!  I get a laugh at the info on some websites, “diarrhea is usually quite squirty.” Is ‘squirty’ even a real word?

Aaron and I spend a lot of our day discussing diapers.  Makes for great dinner table conversation.  Thankfully, we aren’t really hanging out with too many people (aside from my family) because of Addison’s compromised immune system so no one gives us dirty looks, pardon the pun.  Right now, the jury is still out on her BM business – could be diarrhea-ish.

Gottta go.  Duty calls!  The princess needs to be changed…


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Dirty diaper duty

  1. Hi Elaine and Aaron
    Sounds like you are handly the situation with a sense of humour. I know thats not the case but bravo to you guys for being so open and informative about Addison. I hope to meet her one day soon. She looks like a beautiful young lady. Keep smiling even if you do have to plug your nose when your doing it. 🙂

  2. Ha ha! Dinner party conversation will never be the same now that we have a little one, but I love the fact that we have lots of friends ‘cool’ enough to take part with their own stories of number ones, twos and THREES. A number THREE in the carseat is especially bad, I’m told. We’re doing the`cloth thing too and I try and fail to use my psychic powers to pop a disposable on her when there is a number two on the horizon. No nappy washing service here. Sorry environment.

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