Me time

I am writing this post on my iPad with one finger typing while my little princess is awkwardly tucked into the crook of one arm, sleeping.  I dare not move for fear of waking the dragon. She may not breathe fire but she certainly roars.  I gave been emailing Aaron on the iPad with instructions to bring me food, water, start the diaper wash. He is sitting in the office not 30 feet away but my whispering doesn’t go that far.  All in an effort to prolong Addison’s afternoon nap.  Really, Aaron should be the one sitting here since it was his sneezing that woke her early.

Addison sleeps while I write my blog in my iPad

So rather appropriate to write about ME time, don’t you think?  I know some moms who have no desire to leave their precious bundles of joy, instead opting to spend every waking moment with their darlings.  That is just fine if you can bring your mini-me into places populated with people, which is really everywhere.  Here are places I can’t really take my immuno suppressed daughter – grocery stores, malls, aquarium, science world, transit, resturants, cafes, family entrepreneur drop-in programs.  So where does that leave me?  A lot of solo afternoon walks.

The immuno-suppression issue is just one part of it.  I fully admit I really need ME time, and WE time with Aaron sans Addison. I have been making bold moves to break free over the past couple of weeks. Aaron and I have been to a Lions game (they lost) and out for his birthday dinner (thanks to Lao-lao and Gong-gong and sister Mel for babysitting).

While the baby and dad on the sidelines of the Lions game.

I also try to leave the house a couple of times a week when Aaron is home during the day.  After all, father-daughter bonding time is important.  Big progress this morning…I went back to the gym for the first time since giving birth!  Before baby, we spent a lot of our free time exercising. In fact, I kept at it right up until less than two weeks before Addison was born.  Nice to be heading back to normal, even if it was a little painful.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison


5 thoughts on “Me time

  1. I love that pic of you and Addie…haha! Good for you for going back to exercise…..although in my opinion, exercise is overrated!!!!!! 😉

  2. I know your Mom from Lifelabs. I read your blog regularly and it’s always a joy to read. Addison is fortunate to have been born into your wonderful family, one that is up to the challenge and takes such good care of her… Lorna

  3. It’s easy to think that everything is back to normal for your family since Addison’s transplant but this blog is a gentle reminder to us how much you and Aaron are happily adapting to. I didn’t consider that a trip to the grocery store (sometimes our only outing on a rainy day) is impossible for you. It’s great that you are making time for yourself because those four walls can get a bit…tedious can’t they. Didn’t that first trip back to the gym feel great?

  4. Well, if your ever lonely…I’ll come spend time with you and addison! Girls day!! It’s important to take time for yourself also, but if I were in your shoes…it’d be hard not to look away from baby addison!!

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