Hold the salt please!

You probably knew how the salt battle was going to end…Round 1 goes to Addison!  Yep, all her gagging, coughing and choking proved to be too much for her guilt-ridden parents.  Even mixing a more diluted solution of straight salt-water was met with much resistance.  So the sodium trials are now over.  The transplant dietitian and pharmacist have declared a ceasefire for the time being, with the plan to closely monitor those sodium levels over the next few weeks until Addison starts solid foods.

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One of the most empowering things about our medical journey has been the ability to advocate for our daughter.  It’s easy to feel so helpless as dozens of highly trained medical professionals rush around your child’s bedside, or after rounds and rounds of blood tests for things you had only heard before on ER.  Aaron and I made it a point to actively participate in all aspects of Addison’s care while she was in the ICU.  We have just continued that vigilance.  The best part is the wonderful staff at BC Children’s Hospital listen.  They are all committed to making sure the patients’ voices are heard, even if they are only a few months old.  Babies certainly don’t hesitate to tell you what they think!

We were prepared to debate the merits of stopping the sodium supplements with Addison’s medical team, but we didn’t have to.  They heard what our daughter had to say about it loud and clear.  In a few months, those salty tortilla chips might just come in handy!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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