So you wanna be on TV…

I suppose it was inevitable for Addison to one day make her television debut.  Over the years as a journalist, I have co-opted most members of my family and my best friend into appearing on the small screen in some form…my big sister Melodie is now a media spokesperson in her own right.  When our daughter was born, I just didn’t think it would ever be this soon and for this reason.

Aaron and I are fully prepared to become outspoken advocates for BC Children’s Hospital, organ donation and blood donation.  If there was ever a good reason to jump on a soapbox, Addison is it.  Through our jobs, we have already been able to lend our support to a number of good causes.  I can’t even count how many times we had been to Children’s Hospital previously for various stories.  And there are all those stories about regular people doing amazing things for charity.  Now it’s our turn.  Or really, it’s Addison’s turn.

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On Tuesday September 6 on the 6pm News Hour, Addison has her Global BC debut.  It’s a bit weird for us to be on the other side of the camera pouring our hearts out for the public.  I have been doing a bit of that with this blog, though it’s quite anonymous in many ways.  Cameraman Sergio Magro and reporter Tanya Beja were in our home this morning for the interview (and more cute video of Addison).  It was actually quite emotional to tell the whole story again and relive some of those terribly frightening moments.  Then Addison woke up from her nap – ready for a feed, diaper change and play time.  Brings it all back into perspective.  No time for tears when you have an almost 5-month old!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “So you wanna be on TV…

  1. it doesn’t seem to matter how old they are Aaron, there isn’t ever a lot of time for tears- just hang on to her coat tails… and pray you can keep up!LOL!

  2. I saw your story on the news, I always watch Globla! I have a child born with a serious heart defect, and although he has his own heart, and we have never been thru the trauma of a heart transplant, I can totally relate to every emotion that you felt and conveyed in the story. when you were speaking about your daughter, what the doctor was saying, and could barely get the words out, I just lost it. my son is almost 16 yrs old now, and I still feel those moments as if they were yesterday. he had emergency surgery when he was 5 mths old, we went in for a clinic visit and he was admitted right then and there and which had bumped another child who was already waiting for his surgery. we felt so bad for him, but were so grateful to the staff and surgeons for moving so quickly to ensure our son would be ok. I still get emoitional thinking about it. my son has had two heart surgeries , two heart caths and 4 other surgical procedures before the age of 10. it seems strange to us that he has been procedure free for 6 yrs now, although we wait on baited breath for the time we are told his valve is no longer working and will need to be replace. Elaine and Aaron, your are part of the “CHD/Heart family” now. I wonder if you’ve heard about the Childrens Heart Network? it is a group that supports families of kids living with heart disease and we have quite a few transplant families who are a part of our group along with the tranplant group. check out their website at

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