We have truly been touched by the heartfelt comments, emails and messages from our friends and Global viewers since Addison’s story aired on the News Hour. It isn’t easy to bare your soul in front of a camera but Aaron and I feel strongly this is an important part of our role as Addison’s parents. So with the hundreds of new readers of this blog, I am hoping we can parlay that into a wave of support for those important organizations which help save lives every day.

Please sign up to be an organ donor if you haven’t already. But even more important, discuss organ donation with your family.  Let them know your wishes and talk about your choice. Include younger members of the family too…you might be surprised at how much they understand.  Addison’s 7-year old cousin explained all about heart transplants to her school friends.

Consider donating blood. Neither Aaron nor I have ever donated blood but as soon as I am done breastfeeding (you can’t donate blood while breastfeeding), we are going to give the gift of life. The amount of blood products Addison needed while in ICU was astounding.

Support BC Children’s Hospital. They are a second family to us and the amazing staff there cared for her as if she was one of their own. They perform miracles there every single day. Without their expertise, we would have had to go to Edmonton for Addison’s care. You can also take it one step further – literally. Follow Global BC cameraman Sergio Magro’s path and sign up for Grind For Kids. Donations go to support the Cardiology department at the new Children’s Hospital (which Addison will be using a LOT).

Come out to the First Annual Children’s Organ Transplant Society Walk on Sunday September 25th at the Richmond Oval.  Aaron, Addison and I will be there to support all the transplant families in BC.

Thank you so much for all your love and support.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

Addison’s story on Global: Little+Miracles+Addison

4 thoughts on “Newsworthy

  1. Bless your miracle! What a lovely tribute to everyone who was involved in Addison’s care and especially BabyAddison and Mummy and Daddy!
    With love, prayers and light,
    Cousins in Victoria

  2. I loved the story on global! It was so adorable and really explained what addison and many other (to many) kids and their familys go through and also accomplish! Only a few months ago addy was in the hospital and now she is out and ready to see the world! I do want to sign up to be an organ donor and blood donor (even though I am really bad with needles) but my motivation would be that addison had so many needles in just the few short months of her life, I think I can to handle a tiny prick! Who knew on little girl could change so many peoples perspective in life?!
    One small painful prick,
    One giant change in a childs life
    (sorry, i just had to do the whole neil armstrong thing there)

  3. I can only imagine how much mire support you at getting now after the story! I’m sure you guys/Addie will def help others become organ and blood donors!!!!!!

  4. I saw your story, and wept. Addison is incredible!
    Our daughter had a different transplant – bone marrow at BCCHF and I echo what you say about blood donation – so important!! I am signed up for organ donation, bone marrow donation and I try to donate blood . Thanks for sharing your story, I KNOW it will make a huge difference in the lives of children in years to come. God bless Addison.

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