The week that was

Except for the holiday Monday, Addison has had some kind of medical appointment every day this week. On top of three trips to BC Children’s Hospital, she also had a home visit from her Infant Development Consultant.

There was the stop at the BCCH lab for blood work Tuesday, then on Wednesday it was Transplant Clinic and an appointment with her pediatrician for round two of immunizations (that was oh so enjoyable for Addison, but she got the three-in-one jab again by an army of nurses in the Medical Day Unit). Another visit to the hospital on Thursday for a follow-up EEG to see if those subclinical seizures she had in the ICU are gone. Friday was Infant Development day. Plus on top of all that, we are introducing solids! Oh yeah, there was all the TV star stuff too. Whew. I am exhausted just writing it all down.

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Thank goodness it is Friday, not that weekends mean much to the little princess. She pretty much sticks to her usual routine regardless of the day. Love those 7am wake-ups.

However, this is an extra special Friday. We are heading off on our first real family vacation! Since we can’t fly anywhere for the first year post-transplant because of all those germs on airplanes, not to mention avoiding foreign countries with equally foreign health care systems, we had to stick to a driving trip in BC. A week in an oceanfront cottage on Pender Island seemed to be the perfect antidote to the most stressful five months of our lives. This also means absolutely no medical appointments for an entire 10 days! It will be the longest doctor/hospital-free stretch we have had since Addison’s birth.  Definitely worthy of celebrating and I can’t think of any place better than basking in the glorious sunshine of our waterfront deck. First we have to finish packing. Has anyone figured out how to ‘travel light’ with a baby????


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Have a great time! YOu deserve it!!!!!! By the way, great newsclip this past week. It was very heartwarming and I have to confess that I had to grab the Kleenex a few times. Oh,and you guys look great and sound/look like pros! Addison is very special to have such wonderful parents.
    She is sooooo cute!
    LIz …from Global healthy lifestyle

  2. Enjoy your holiday!
    I see you have the BEST team :o) Dr. Phang and Dr. Human are Mattias’ doctors too. The are just awesome. Maybe we will see you one day at MDU or the cardiology clinic :o)

    Love, Hege

  3. I want to see pictures of your breathing space on Pender Island :0) The video was the most incredible testimony of strength I will probably ever see in my life. May the sun keep shining upon you, because you certainly shed a lot of light on the whole world.

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