Clinic Day

If it’s Wednesday, it must be Transplant Clinic Day…Addison’s 12th clinic since getting discharged from the hospital, if my calculations are correct. After two weeks off without any hospital visits, we returned to our familiar routine this morning.

It is getting more challenging to get Addison’s echo test done (that’s the heart ultrasound). She really likes to ‘help’ out by putting her hands on the ultrasound wand and on the tech’s hands. And as she gets more squirmy and wiggly, keeping her still is also a bigger task for Mommy or Daddy.

All around good news to report, except for her weight. She has kind of hit a plateau over the past couple of weeks. It could be the introduction of solids, or maybe she’s growing in length first with the grams to catch up later – apparently quite common for babies. Her Tacrolimus levels are still all over the place, back down to around 7 after hitting close to 10. The plan is to increase her dosage of the other anti-rejection drug MMF to fill in the ‘gap’ and stop trying to chase her Tac levels since clearly that’s not working.

However, her sodium levels are up! Yeah! No more talk of sodium supplementing for now. And her white blood cell count, which was pretty much 0 post-transplant, is up to a 3. Normal white blood cell range for baby Addison’s age is 6 to 17. That means her immune system keeps getting a little bit stronger every day.

Today marks another landmark moment for Addison…NO CLINIC for THREE whole weeks! We aren’t getting off entirely hospital-free because we are seeing a neurologist next Wednesday for a follow-up appointment to the subclinical seizure episodes our baby girl had while in the ICU. Keeping our hopes up the good news continues at that hospital visit.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “Clinic Day

  1. Hey guys, I saw your story on the news a few weeks ago and was really moved by it. Our son was born on April 12th, and we have also been happily blogging about life with him. We all signed on as organ donors back in May, and did it with that mixed feeling of sadness that you described; life for someone else at the expense of our own. Best wishes for all of you! So happy to hear that Addison is continuing to do well!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers all the time for little Addie…hoping that she continues to get stronger and stronger… 🙂 Love all the gorgeous photos!

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