What are you doing Sunday morning?

We have big plans for this Sunday and you can join us too! Addison, Aaron and I will be taking part in the Children’s Organ Transplant Society First Annual Walk/Run at the Richmond Oval. There is a 2km or 5km option, so no excuses. If Addison can do it, so can you! (I know it’s unfair to use that guilt trip because really, she’s going to be enjoying the ride in her comfy stroller.)

COTS is a non-profit organization that supports BC transplant families. It was started by a mom who donated part of her liver to her son. Through her efforts, COTS has grown bigger and bigger. It was the driving force behind the establishment of the Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital, which has become a regular date in Addison’s agenda.

Come out Sunday morning and support the great work COTS does on behalf of children like Addison. We’ll be there with Addison’s aunties, uncle, cousins and Lao-lao…all wearing our “Team Addison” t-shirts. But remember, before you come over and say “Hi” to our baby girl, please wash your hands!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

2 thoughts on “What are you doing Sunday morning?

  1. Ohhhhh that is so great that everybody is doing that! I will be there in spirit! You guys will all look so great sporting those Team Addison shirts together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending my support from HK! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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