6 kilos!

The princess passed a big milestone on the scale this week…6 kilograms (that’s 13.22 pounds for those of you who can’t compute in metric)! Her weight had stalled for about 3 weeks in September, stuck at 5.6 kg, prompting some consternation from her cardiologist and dietitian. There was talk of supplementing with formula, which would not be a big deal except after our earlier success with the bottle battle, Addison is back on a bottle strike.

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Our pediatrician decided solids was the answer. He is a firm believer in solids whenever the baby appears ready, even if it’s not 6 months yet. So at 5 months of age, Addison got her first taste of rice cereal. Mmmmm. Looks kind of like that paper mache glop your kindergarten teacher mixed up for arts and crafts. But after just a couple of attempts at it, our little girl started slurping up the beige sludge like it was candy. Now, she is eating three proper “meals” a day, around 2-3 tablespoons per meal. As soon as she was on a regular regime of rice cereal plus breastfeeding, she started packing on the grams. In the past couple of weeks, Addison has gained nearly 500 grams!

But will someone please explain to me why rice cereal gets more and more runny as it sits in the bowl?? Shouldn’t it just get gummier and gummier like glue? No matter how much powder we dump into the breast milk, it always ends up runny, and consequently all over Addison’s face. At least at this age, it’s pretty darn cute.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “6 kilos!

  1. Rice cereal gets runnier as it is so easily digestable the saliva from her mouth will break down the cereal as you feed her. Also breast milk has enzymes too that break down the cereal. Just add a little more cereal when it gets runny. I have been following your blog-i really like it. I am a “heart baby mama” too. We were actually at the cardio clinic once at the same time. My son James is also a tiny light too.

  2. This might just sound stupid to say, but are you using the rice cereal that are meant for breast milk and not for water? I am not sure if it would make any difference though :o)

    Glad to see she is gaining weight. She is beautiful!

    Love, Hege

  3. We call it wall paper paste in our house, or Clag which is a brand of school glue in Australia. Neena refused to eat it but I do have a lovely recipe for gluten free jam nest cookies using baby rice cereal!

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