Happy 6 month birthday!

Our baby girl hits a big milestone today…6 months! Has half a year gone by already? Here are some of Addison’s latest accomplishments:

– making lots of new squealing noises (sounds a lot like a newborn puppy)

– giggled for the first time last week

– eating lots of rice, meat and veggies

– can hold her neck up

– learning to sit

– loves grabbing Mommy’s hair and Daddy’s nose

– no more bassinet for the stroller…Addison’s in the big girl stroller seat now

– gives everyone big beautiful smiles

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our monthly photo shoot was late today because we also had Transplant Clinic this morning. Addison’s Tacrolimus levels are at 10 (yeah!), white blood cell count at 4.5 (getting closer and closer to normal), hemoglobin and sodium are up as well. We no longer have to give her iron supplements because she is eating lots of meat. Down to just 6 syringes of meds per day! And more good news from cardiologist Dr. Hosking – everything looks great so our next clinic appointment has been moved to 4 weeks!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Happy 6 month birthday!

  1. So proud of my princess addison…cannot wait to witness a giggle on skype/facetime soon!!!!!!!! Loving the little noises she makes!!!!!!! XOXOX

  2. Aww, so cute! Half way to the big 1! She looks adorable in the photos and is now much bigger than Muk Muk! Baby smiles are just the sweetest and giggles are even better!

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