Addison hears a Who

It sometimes seems as if there is no medical test Addison hasn’t had yet. At least this morning’s appointment didn’t involve any needles! In another follow-up to those subclinical seizures she had while in ICU, our baby girl had a hearing assessment at Vancouver Coastal Health today. She had the newborn screening in hospital just after she was born, and everything was perfectly normal. But that was BNH (or Before New Heart). Her neurologist thought it prudent to get another test ANH (I’m sure you figured out that’s After New Heart). I know she can hear because now she is starting to break out into a wail around loud noises – a mean barking dog, ambulance with sirens on, her crazy screaming cousins. It is a question of how well she hears.

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So we made the trek to yet another medical office this morning. Addison had puffs of air blown into her ear, which she didn’t seem to mind. Then there were the little ear probes, which didn’t amuse her all that much. But the most fun was when we sat in the soundproof booth with speakers on either side. When the audiologist played music or sounds, a flashing light on that side would light up a stuffed toy. The idea is to ‘train’ babies to look in the direction of any noises they hear. Watching Addison turn her head back and forth was quite funny because there was always that second or two delay while she gathered up the strength to turn her little neck muscles. She seemed to hear just fine on both sides in the audio booth, however, one of the other tests did not measure any response on the left side. This does not mean Addison has hearing loss but it does require further testing to rule it out. Unfortunately, further assessment has to be done in the hospital and likely under light sedation.

For now, we’ll keep reading her “Horton Hears a Who” and maybe she’ll pick up a few techniques?


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “Addison hears a Who

  1. It’s amazing how the docs are checking everything and being so thorough! I can just picture Addie turning her head back and forth. Would have been fun to watch! 🙂

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