How’s my coconut?

We may be on a 4 week stretch between Organ Transplant Clinic now, but Miss Addison has certainly done a good job filling up her spare time with more medical appointments. Something new this morning…an MRI!

After her subclinical seizures while in ICU, there was talk of doing an MRI to look for any brain trauma. But since she was so fresh post-surgery, with extra metal bits in her chest, doctors decided to wait. According to the neurology appointment we had last month, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with Addison’s coconut. So far, all tests have come back just fine. This rules out major scars, bleeding or lesions on her brain. But for the most detailed picture of all that grey matter, an MRI is the best test. Research has shown some correlation between congenital heart defects and brain defects, which makes sense because anything that affects the flow of blood to the body would also include the brain.

For a 6 month old baby, an MRI can only be done while sedated. Pretty tough to convince a little baby to lie completely still for half an hour while their head is stuck in a giant machine. So Addison visited a new part of the hospital this morning – the Surgical Day Unit. Did you know they make teeny tiny hospital gowns for babies? Even they are not spared the embarrassment of having their butts exposed to the world!

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We didn’t get to stay with Addison through the sedation and MRI, but nurses assured us she did great. When she came out of the sedation, it was pretty funny. Her neck had turned into a wet noodle and she was flopping around quite a bit. Now she’s at home napping…maybe the after effects of the sedative will help her have a longer nap (right now 30 minutes seems to be the norm)?

UPDATE: Just got a phone call from the neurologist…the MRI came back ALL CLEAR! Yeah!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “How’s my coconut?

  1. Oh she DEFINITELY looks soooooo dopey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the one of her cuddling on you…with her hand totally flopped on you!! Awwwwww…….

  2. Wow, they are so thourough. What a lucky little girl to live in Vancouver BC where these medical resources are available.
    The dopey look is quite cute and so is the baby hospital gown. She looks like she’s going to a christening.

  3. I loved reading that last note. So happy that it is all okay.

    Reading your blog brings back so many memories. Mattias too had so many hearing tests, vision tests, tests to see how his brain decoded what his eyes saw, MRIs etc etc. And then there were all the other tests for seizures, lungs, heart, stomach and you name it. I think we have visited almost every department in the hospital.

    I hope Addison’s hearing will come back perfect too. Mattias had a paralyzed vocal cord and some problems with his hearing early on, but it all is back to normal now after the blood and oxygen flow is higher :o)

    Love, Hege

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