I spy with my little eye

With Addison, nothing is simple…at least when it comes to medical ailments. For the past couple of weeks, her left eye has been teary. While we were in Seattle, we noticed it was starting to get a little red. The obvious problem was a little eye infection and the obvious solution? A seemingly easy round of antibiotics.

We traipsed back to the hospital yesterday to see Addison’s pediatrician. He agreed with our self-diagnosis and was ready to prescribe us some eye drops. However, being a ‘special’ case, he decided to also consult with ophthalmology. Well that turned into a two hour side trip involving three eye specialists, lots of bright lights and two different rounds of eye drops. I was very impressed with how they managed to fit our baby girl into an obviously packed afternoon of other patients.

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Diagnosis? A little eye infection. Solution? Antibiotic drops three times a day for a week. We thought Addison would have a full couple of weeks away from the hospital! Wrong again.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “I spy with my little eye

  1. Awwww…..poor Addison. Is she OK with her eye? (Itchy? Crying?) The pics are adorable…. you can start seeing her cheeky side of her personality coming through……. 🙂

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