Picture Perfect Seattle

Though you never know just how the day will turn out when a 6-month old is in charge, Seattle turned out to be a great weekend. Miss Addison seemed to enjoy her first cross-border trip, especially Pike Place Market and trick or treating on Halloween.

We were a bit hesitant before taking our little penguin down to the US because of the high cost of medical care down there. You know that fine print on travel health insurance that says there is no coverage for ‘pre-existing medical conditions’? Yeah, that does include a heart transplant. Experienced transplant families tell us insurance will cover patients once they are stable for a full six months prior to travel. That means no changes to medication, no procedures, etc. That isn’t Addison quite yet. We talked to our medical team and they were confident Addison would be just fine, plus if anything did happen have you seen how fast Aaron can drive to a breaking news story? Of course, everything worked out just perfect.

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Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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