Happy 7 months!

Guess who turns a big 7 months old today?? Like all new parents, we are constantly amazed with how quickly our little baby is growing up. Addison has learned all kinds of new noises this past month. One of her favourite things to do now is blow raspberries, while her mouth is full of food. She also really loves bouncing on Mommy and Daddy’s bed…that is always a surefire way to get a few giggles. Every morning, she likes to say hello to the baby in the mirror. It’s getting more and more fun to watch her grow!

Time for a quick trip down memory lane…what happened to all her hair?


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Happy 7 months!

  1. She looks great and so happy! She’s growing like a weed…that bear used to be half her size…time for a bigger bear…lol…

  2. We feel so honored to have the chance to follow Addison’s progress, and looking forward to hearing about her first taste of beef steak (we’re the beef farmers in Aldergrove). Marissa told us Addison’s birthday falls right on my birthday. I’ll always remember her on April 12th. Love and prayers to you and your whole family!

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