I hear with my little ears

It was an unusually early morning in the McYong household today. We had to get the little princess up at 6:15am for one last breastfeed (and then keep her up) before her 9am appointment at BC Children’s Hospital. Addison had her follow-up audiology visit this morning, which included an auditory brainstem response test (ABR). The first audiology test we had done a month ago was ‘inconclusive’, so the extra test was ordered. We were convinced there was nothing wrong with Addison’s hearing, but there is definitely an abundance of caution when it comes to BCCH first heart transplant baby!

Ummm...I seem to have something stuck in my ear!

The ABR has to be done sedated because the patient must lie very still for all the equipment to work properly. I think the most difficult part for Addison was choking down the bitter tasting sedative. While she was asleep in a soundproof room, the audiologist checked out our baby girl’s hearing pathway to measure how well it responded to sound. An hour later, we got the good news – Addison’s hearing is perfectly normal! Whew…one more thing to check off the ‘worry list’.

The soundproof room where the testing takes place - it is dark to encourage good sleeping!


The audiologist gets Addison "plugged in"

This is not the end of Addison’s contact with audiology. Children who have been on ECMO, the heart-lung bypass machine, have a greater risk of hearing loss, so she will be monitored quite carefully over the next few years. For now, she can’t use “Mommy/Daddy, I didn’t hear you say that” as an excuse!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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