Another one (slowly) bites the dust

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We have started the countdown to the day when Addison’s daily medication regiment will consist of just two anti-rejection drugs. With the ‘all clear’ from her MRI last month, and no more signs of seizures post-ICU, our neurologist has given us the green light to start weaning her off Keppra (drug name Levetiracetam).

Keppra is an anti-convulsant used to treat seizures and epilepsy. When Addison had subclinical seizures post-surgery in ICU, she was prescribed Keppra as a precaution to ensure there would be no more unusual brain activity. She has passed all her follow-up neurology appointments with flying colours, much to our relief. It’s another big milestone for us to be able to get Addison off another drug.

Nothing happens quickly in neurology, as we have learned. And a conservative and cautious approach is the norm. It will take 9 weeks before we can cross it completely off Addison’s med chart – weaning involves lowering one of her two daily doses 20% each week – but it’s another step in the right direction.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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