All I want for Christmas

It’s official. Only one month left until Christmas. That’s 30 shopping days if you are counting. In the McYong household, I am thankful to say we don’t pay much attention to those holiday flyers because we’ve taken the “gifts” out of Christmas. It took a few years to make the transition – we started with putting a price limit on extended family gifts, then it was a ‘Secret Santa’ trial, finally we just said NO MORE GIFTS. I know all you skeptics out there are scoffing, muttering under your breaths that we will come over to the dark side now that we have a little one to spoil.

Yes, we will probably cheat a bit on our “no gifts” policy, especially as Princess Addison grows up and gets to know Santa Claus. But for now, I am pretty sure she would be just as happy with a pile of newspapers (including all those flyers) to mess up rather than the latest gizmo from Toys R Us.

It is a very special Christmas for so many reasons including Addison’s first Christmas! It will probably be very tempting for grandparents and aunties and uncles to buy her presents. We won’t be complete Grinches so we will graciously accept whatever comes her way. And we are definitely getting a tree this year. However, at the very top of the wish list for the McYongs is a donation in Addison’s honour to BC Children’s Hospital.

enjoying a giggle with Gong Gong

Maybe you should re-examine the “giving” part of Christmas too. We all have special places in our hearts for certain charities and organizations in need. Perhaps you want to champion education for young girls in third world countries or hot meals for Downtown Eastside residents. Surely there is a better use for your hard-earned money than another sweater or bath gift set. After all, isn’t Christmas supposed to be all about cherishing your loved ones and spending quality time together? Really, it’s so simple.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for this message. We too have taken the gifts out of Christmas, and choose to spend really quality time with family and friends.
    charity has always high on our priority list. I am one of the OR nurses that took that first phone call from Dr. Gandhi saying that there was a heart available for Addison. I have been following your story from the sidelines ever since. I have posted a phot of Addison at 6 months in the OR and would like your permission to continue to do so, so that we can watch her grow and giggle. Thanks for being so open about your journey.

  2. Love this blog post. It’s so true…so many people now focus in the superficial, materialistic side of Christmas….. I will donate to the Bc children’s hospital in Addie’s name. Wish we could be there to help Addie celebrate her first Christmas………

  3. I am so glad we don’t do presents. The holidays are much more enjoyably celebrated in other ways than frenzied shopping for gifts that recipients don’t want or need (like making and eating yummy treats with family). Hopefully we can pass on to Addison and her cousins the actual meaning of the season!

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