While Mommy is busy…

Mommy has been so busy these past few days she hasn’t had time to blog. Since I’ve become pretty good at typing on the computer keyboard (Mommy thinks she is fooling me by giving me my own unplugged keyboard to play with but I am just going along with it…for now), I thought I’d post a quick update.

On Tuesday, we went to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation offices to shoot an interview for the Miracle Weekend telethon. Did you know this will be the 25th year? Anyhow, more importantly, it will be my first year participating! I got to get all dressed up in a very cute silver sparkly tutu. However, I was not a big fan of the tights Mommy made me wear. Who invented those annoying things anyhow? I didn’t say much in the interview except a lot of gurgles and giggles, but I am pretty sure I stole the show.

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Last night, Mommy rushed off as soon as Daddy got home from work to go to an organ transplant seminar at VGH. I got to enjoy fun play time with Daddy. My Auntie Jennifer stopped by too. Mommy told me all about the interesting things she learned – ongoing research means maybe some day I won’t need to take as much medication! And in the future, other sick kids who need new organs will be able to get artificial ones. One doctor even predicts in 10 years, cardiac transplantation will be replaced with mechanical heart devices. Pretty cool!

Today is another crazy day. Mommy and Daddy are both leaving me tonight to attend the fancy Crystal Ball, a major fundraiser for the BC Children’s Hospital. Apparently I am too little to go, but I will be starring in a video being played tonight. Daddy is wearing a tuxedo (kind of looks like my penguin costume on Halloween) and Mommy is leaving her Lululemon pants at home. Lao-lao and Gong-gong are coming over to babysit. I’ll make sure to be a good girl for them…am I not always?



3 thoughts on “While Mommy is busy…

  1. She’s definitely is a technology princess!!!!!!!! So cute! Love all these pics! Cannot wait to hear about the Crystal Ball! 🙂

  2. Pretty good grammar for a baby! (haha)
    So good to know you are doing so well and artificial hearts, soooo cool! That would save so many young and old lives, finding an organs to give to these little ones who need it is the part that takes those lives, the saddest part is they don’t always push through long enough to even get an organ! Artificial organs would save so many lives and there would be lots more babies like Addie! And ya, I do agree, tutus aren’t the most comfortable clothing items, the things we make those babies wear, like your mommy, I am defiantly a lulu girl! But I’ve got one thing to tell you Addie, FASHION HURTS! As for the keyboard, I don’t blame you Addie, it’s a very tempting piece of equipment, so many BUTTONS, and even better when the buttons make things flash up on the big computer screen! Mommy has already defeated that thrill, but it’s entertaining just the same! Just wait until you learn how to plug it in!

  3. Dear Elaine, Aaron and baby Addison, Hope you are planning for a truely magical celebration this first Christmas! I need your address for a small token of love being sent to your sweet baby. Tell Aaron he looked simply dashing when I saw him on a TV set hosting the benefit. All is well here- love leigh

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