Happy Friday!

It’s a fantastic Friday for so many good reasons. But here are the two most important things making us smile today!

1. The BCCHF Crystal Ball was a huge success last night with lots of money raised for the new hospital. The food was amazing, the ballroom at the Four Seasons looked fabulous and Aaron and I were honoured to be seated with two other families who have undergone medical battles with their little ones. A stark reminder of why we need world-class facilities and world-class medical specialists in Vancouver – Amelie requires ongoing surgery and medical care for her heart defects and Finn died at the age of 3 after living with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. If you would like to learn more about Finn and his legacy, you can see a beautiful and moving video produced by the BC Cancer Foundation HERE.

2. We are overjoyed to learn of another young BC girl who just received a heart transplant in Vancouver yesterday morning. She is recovering in hospital now with her brand-new heart. We met her in the ICU in May just before Addison was sent home. That is how long she has been waiting. So again, please, if you haven’t done so already, register as an organ donor. It’s the gift of life.

Thanks Gong-gong and Lao-lao for babysitting last night!

Getting my first tooth


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. You guys looked fantastic at the ball!!!!! So happy to hear about the other girl who got a new heart!!!!!!! Incredible to see how long she waited for! Did she get the Berlin heart???

  2. You guys look great. Glad to hear the good news about another little girl receiving a heart. My friend Nancy’s daughter Abigail received a new heart last night in Edmonton. They have been up there waiting for over 2 months now. Abigail has also undergone two open heart surgeries in her half year long life. I am so happy the doctor’s managed to buy her some time.
    Marry Christmas everyone!

    • We heard about Abigail’s transplant! So happy to hear the news. Two BC children getting new hearts in 3 days! Wishing a speedy recovery to both girls and prayers for the two donor families who were strong enough to say YES to the gift of life.

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